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The Lochwillow Chronicles Series

Her Angel Lover cover.jpg
Her Angel Lover

Dragons, once nonexistent in this world, suddenly emerge, altering fate.

After Simone Watson is bitten by an unprecedented creature, she's placed under the guardianship of Lucian D’Angelo, a death angel, for safety.

Designated a potential mate by the dragon's mark, Simone's safety rests on Lucian's shoulders. But as their bond strengthens, so does the dragon's determination to possess her.

Caught in a whirlwind, Lucian battles his feelings for Simone while defying the relentless dragon. Meanwhile, Simone's strength becomes evident as she faces the escalating chaos.

In "Her Angel Lover," the inaugural installment of A. D. Hunter’s captivating paranormal dark romance series, The Lochwillow Chronicles, simmering passion intertwines with otherworldly challenges.

Note: This book contains mature language, themes, and situations, addressing sensitive topics like sexual assault and miscarriage.

Her Only Vampire

Rogue vampires? The Worldwide Council of Vampires dismisses the notion. Yet Corey James Parker's transformation into a vampire defies the norm.

Corey's refusal to register under vampire law triggers a contract on his life. But his pursuers seek answers, not death. Curiosities abound—how can he withstand sunlight, consume human food, and endure silver? Moreover, how does he feed on girlfriend Margaret Nash without converting her?

CJ's potential vampirism cure sparks intrigue, but resistance from those who cling to age-old traditions grows fierce. As he walks the thin line between discovery and danger, not everyone desires a remedy.

In "Her Only Vampire," the second installment of A. D. Hunter's captivating Lochwillow Chronicles series, a steamy tale unfolds, blending passion with the supernatural.

Note: This book contains mature language, themes, and situations, catering to mature readers who prefer their literature on the spicy side.

Her Big Bad Wolf cover.jpg
Her Big Bad Wolf

Michael, a bounty hunter of the Lochwillow tribe, specializes in retrieving lost she-wolves, scattered through time during the wolf war for protection. Now, it's time to reunite them with their tribe.

Julia's full moon headaches and strange awakenings remain a secret until a mysterious stranger rescues her from trouble, revealing a hidden truth about her life. The danger escalates beyond rowdy teens as she becomes a target, pursued by relentless foes.

With tribal expectations looming, Michael's single status raises concerns; his impending mating offers relief. However, the she-wolf he desires is a rarity, owned by two tribes, necessitating a fierce battle to claim her.

Caution: This novel contains mature situations, themes, and language, catering to adult readers seeking a spicy narrative.

Her Siren Song
Immerse yourself in a captivating fantasy world where sirens, angels, and leprechauns collide in an epic saga. Felicia, a young siren cursed against her will, races against time with the relentless angel, Ruger, by her side. Their journey through a labyrinth of magic uncovers a prophecy that could shatter their bond. As they seek answers from the enigmatic sea witch, Helga, and confront the mysteries of a bygone era, love becomes their only hope. Will their love conquer the malevolent forces threatening to tear them apart? Dive into a rich tapestry of romance and courage, where the realms of love and magic intertwine in a spellbinding adventure.

Caution: This novel contains mature situations, themes, and language, catering to adult readers seeking a spicy narrative.

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