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First, there was Dinah...

Titus has done a terrible thing and the gods have something to say about it.

Not even the king is above punishment and when the gods decide on his penance, Titus is given a choice.

700 years in Hell or sire 700 cherubs with 700 women and absorbing every heartbreak.

As the ramifications of his decision sink in, Titus realizes that the first cherub will be his heir and not just any woman will do.

Who better to give the king an heir than a female warrior?

One thing is for sure, everyone knows how Titus feels about Maxine, but folks sometimes forget... first, there was Dinah.

Kindred of the Guardian: The Last Daughters of Titus Series: Book 6
Son of the Avenger
Fate of the Reaper
Heart of Stone
Body of a Venus
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Burning undies to ash one book at a time!
A D Hunter's headshot
Burning undies to ash one book at a time!
Who am I?

A D Hunter hails from a small town in south central Pennsylvania where she currently works as a pediatric home care nurse on the night shift. She's always been a creative story teller and recently decided to make it into a career. In her spare time, she enjoys spoiling her friends and family with homemade cooking and desserts. She also loves herself some creme brulee coffee...yum! She's a huge fan of interracial and paranormal romance. Expect to see more from her in both genres.

What's Up Next?
Her Only Vampire

Her Only Vampire

The Lochwillow Chronicles


There’s no such thing as a rogue vampire… according to the Worldwide Council of Vampires.

When Corey James Parker gets bitten and is transformed he is required by vampire law to register at his local chapter. He does not. And now there’s a contract out on him.

But they don’t want CJ dead… not yet anyway. They want to know how he can be outside in broad daylight, eat normal food, and tolerate silver. And how has he been able to feed off of his girlfriend Margaret Nash for over a year without turning her?

CJ may have found the cure for vampirism, but some don’t want to be cured and will stop at nothing to keep old traditions alive.

Her Only Vampire is the second book in A D Hunter's hot and steamy Lochwillow Chronicles series.

Content warning: This book contains adult situations, adult themes, and adult language... it is for grown-ups who like their books on the spicy side.